Curing The Hurt of Painful Hemorrhoids

Posted August 31, 2018 in Piles Treatment, By admin

At early stages, piles may not cause any pain or discomfort but at later stages can cause severe pain. In some cases, hemorrhoids do not hurt and may bleed painlessly, but hemorrhoids that moved outside of the anal canal can become painful.

It is estimated that approximately four out of every five people experience pain in the hemorrhoids. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by bleeding. Below are some preventive measures that can cure the pain caused by hemorrhoids

Healing the hurt of painful hemorrhoids

  • Obese people should lose weight because if a person is overweight, there are more chances of pressure in the abdominal area and waist. This, in turn, will exert more influence in the veins located in the anus.
  • Never try to defecate forcefully when you do not feel the need to do so. Instead, try to walk and exercise to facilitate bowel movement.
  • A person suffering from piles should avoid lifting heavy weights. The stress caused by heavy lifts causes stress and strain the anal area.
  • Sitting and standing for long hours should also be avoided as it causes pressure on hemorrhoids. A person should change sitting as well as standing postures throughout the day at regular intervals.
  • Many scientific studies have proved that a person should apply petroleum jelly around the anal area before defecating as it helps smoothen the passage of hard stools and avoids injuring caused by hemorrhoids.
  • Dry tissue paper should not be used after defecating. Use of running water or soft wet tissue is the most effective way to clean after a bowel movement. The dry and rough tissues may cause bleeding in the hemorrhoids.
  • Fill a bathtub with warm water and soak it in for 15 minutes. Repeat this process two or three times a day and after a bowel movement. Use unscented soap if you want to wash the area. Gently dry afterward. There are also special “sitz baths” that can be put directly on the toilet seat for comfortable soaking.
  • To avoid infection, anal area should always be kept clean. Some bacterial infections can lead to the severity of hemorrhoids.
  • In most of the cases, piles cause itching. But try to avoid itching in the anal area as it may cause hemorrhoids to bleed.
  • Ice packs can also be used to relieve symptoms of pain as the cooling effects of ice make the veins numb in the anal area.
  • The pregnant ladies should try to sleep on the left side to lessen the pressure on the enlarging uterus as it may cause pressure on the blood vessels of the hemorrhoids.

The best way to avoid hemorrhoids is to prevent constipation by keeping the stools soft to make it easy to pass. Eating healthy fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and drinking plenty of water and other fluids like fruit juices can help to stay hydrated and keep the stool soft. Following diet changes and a healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of hemorrhoids

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