How to Prevent Hemorrhoids

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Piles are tissue masses in and around the rectum which contain blood and connective tissue.

How to prevent the hemorrhoids?

There are lots of ways to prevent hemorrhoids such as:

Fill Up on Fiber:

Hemorrhoids are likely to happen in people who have difficult bowel movements. One of the most natural and most comfortable ways to turn out to be more regular is by filling up on fiber either through your diet or supplements. Excellent food sources of fiber include:

  • Whole grains, bran flakes, barley, oatmeal, brown rice
  • Split peas, lima beans, black beans, baked beans, and lentils
  • Artichoke, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and green peas
  • Fruits such as raspberries, apples, pears, and banana

Drink Enough Water

This hemorrhoid prevention strategy is quite simple. Not just having a healthy diet with full of fiber is not enough along with that, you also need to drink adequate water. Consuming enough water assists to prevent constipation and that is why you need to have at least six to eight glass of water on a daily basis. And along with the digestive system, it also benefits your entire body.

Get Plenty of Exercises

Exercise helps to keep the colon more regular. Making your body movement active decreases merely your time spent sitting and putting pressure on lower rectum. If you do not want to go to the gym, then you can do some freehand exercises, walking, swimming and yoga as well.

Be Careful When It Comes to Laxatives

If you are suffering from the problem of constipation, you can have some effective fiber supplements like psyllium capsules. It helps you to get more regular and prevent the painful hemorrhoids as well. As far as the laxatives go, they can assist as long as you select the right ones. The safest laxatives are those, which work along with your body to produce soft stools and not liquid stools.

Avoid Straining

Putting more pressure and straining on the rectum is one of the most common causes of the bleeding hemorrhoids or painful hemorrhoids. In fact, some people out there try too hard to push when to have a bowel movement, and that can be the cause of hemorrhoids as well. So, if you are also facing a similar problem, then all you need to do is to stop putting too much pressure and try to lead your life usually.

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